Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Home Educators and Global Warming

Home Educators dare to think outside the box. This takes them a long way down the path of generating new and good ideas, but we all have our entrenchments which restrict our creativity. One that can stop UK home educators going the extra mile is a green agenda, the belief that the only way we can save the planet is to live simply, without oil, without waste and with loads of self-recrimination.

But UK Heers should be up for a new challenge, given that they know so well the value of being able to think freely. All they now need to do is apply this free thinking to their own dearly held assumptions that seem so fixed.

We can think our way out of this without losing our fridges, our PCs and our cars. This entry in the Adam Smith Blog offers a cheering, life-enhancing possible answer to the problem of global warming.

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Anonymous said...

What a simple and elegant solution, and one that doesn't try to negate progress and take us back to the dark ages!