Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Growth Industry

Home Education is to have a bright future in the UK if today's HE toddler meeting is anything to go by. This group, which could be seen to represent the future for HE in the area, has swelled during the summer break. What is more, many of us there knew of others who'd wanted to but were unable to attend.

Clearly the spirit for HE is out there. We must just hope that we get enough of us out the school system to make it utterly impracticable ever to get us back in again, so that come the day when some dreadful HE disaster does happen, the relevant educrat will baulk at the mountain of paperwork and the unpleasant logistics.

The expansion of interest in HE comes despite the presentiment amongst long-term HEors that "things are tightening up somehow". Not that there has been any further obvious repercussions from legislation such as the Children Act and we are yet to see if the IT bodgers in some government backroom really have managed to run our GP records against our school attendance records to find those of us who have never registered with our LEAs. But there is, nonetheless, a general feeling amongst HEors that the educrats are coming to get us, that we will be checked over and pinned down.

My guess is though that we're ready for them already!

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