Saturday, October 29, 2005

Home Education a Drain on Civil Society?

Yet again, home educators have produced the goods and am lying awake glowingly proud to have known all of them and to have seen their handiwork!

For the last six years, we have held a Guy Fawkes Bonfire and Firework Party, which has annually mutated in various directions, with differing themes. Last year, however, the Guy for the bonfire came a very poor twentieth to other considerations, consisting as he did, of a welly on a stick.

Yesterday, in stark contrast, we set about building something slightly more ambitious. We had envisaged this being a smallish event, but it emerged one way or another that quite a few people were going to get here. Under the direction of master-craftsman, T, and ably supported by engineer and soux-sculptor, Dh, in one short day the swelled team of willing workers produced a monumental statue of a flying dragon which, come the day, will be placed atop a towering pedestal that was also constructed in the paddock. Other smaller statues were also built which will be appended to the main structure.

This was all managed with such good grace and humour that the one family who knew little of HE at the beginning of the day, well, you could see them thinking! It didn't seem to matter if you'd been up all night playing at a gig, were coping with five young kids, were reasonably heavily pregnant and not exactly a dog-lover when the five dogs present clearly thought it was their day as much as anyone else's, everyone pulled together and made this work so well.

I'm bad at telling anyone who isn't also a blog-tart where this blog is, but a couple of you have worked it, if you do happen to pass by - THANK YOU so much! I really enjoyed the day and I won't hear another word about how Home Education drains civil society. This was a demonstration of civil society at it's very best. (Only sorry to have missed you C...the word of mouth method didn't seem to work in your direction.)


Julie said...

so glad you have got the comments back on!
I remember the day Mike P first bought C then aged 2 to a HE meeting-you could see that he was just bowled away by the way all the kids just accepted both B and C. He couldn't belive that the 15yr olds were just so accepting of C's right to be there and were so friendly and natural towards him.
I reckon HE is the sort of civil society the rest of this country should aspire to!

Carlotta said...

I so agree. This inter-age co-operation is a wonderful precusor skill for an active civil life.

Perhaps you can make the bonfire??

Julie said...

Thanks but I just wish we could be in two places at once ;o(
We have already agreed to attend another party with old friends-from pre home ed days and it would be a shame not to keep in touch with them.
See you at Aschurch though I hope.

Anonymous said...

What fun that sounds! I'm keeping bonfire night/day absolutely free next year - I'm not missing out twice!