Wednesday, October 26, 2005

House Arrest for HE Kids

People at Action for the Rights of Children have recently provided extremely satisfactory evidence of the ineffectiveness of truancy sweeps; but just when it was reasonable to assume that the government might be reviewing this misconceived and expensive failure with a view to abandoning it, ah no: instead they set about tightening the screws and HE kids will almost inevitably, once again, get caught in the cross-fire if we aren't very vigilant right now.

From the commendably provident and politically effective Mike FW:

"A new education act is being planned which would make it illegal for children of compulsory school age to be in a public place during school hours without good reason. This legislation is primarily aimed at excluded children who are perceived as being a public menace but will effect other children such as those being home educated. Home educators can expect problems similar to those experienced with anti-truancy legislation, which has been a nuisance for HE families almost since the day it was introduced."

He goes on to spell out some of the implications:

"Home educated children, particularly those living in cities, may not have private play spaces. Badly worded legislation could make such children prisoners in their homes for many hours a day, not even allowing them the right to play outside during recreation periods between study or time for quiet reflection in public spaces such as parks. "

Am off to check that Education Otherwise and Home Education Advisory Service are up to speed on this one and are representing our feelings to the ptb.


Clare said...

Glad you've got comments turned on again! I keep reading things I want to say something about!


Carlotta said...

Sorry about that. Didn't feel sufficiently on top of things for a while to manage both posting and comments, but being off-comment felt very wrong in principle, so thanks for the prompt! Was coincidentally just off to comment further on yours!