Friday, October 07, 2005

What Teachers are Taught and Why Schooled Children need Remedial Help

The educational whistle-blower continues to provide scrupulous accounts of the various corruptions, evasions and absence of truth-seeking that is today's Post-Graduate Certificate of Education. (If the teachers are so poorly taught, what can possibly be happening with school kids?)

Here is just a sample from the plethora of suboptimal theories that spew from this source:

* A lecture in which equal and due credit is given to both behaviourism and the theories of importance of intrinsic motivation. (errr?)

* The proposal that a student's major thesis be spent critiquing a completely obviously redundant hypothesis, rather than a genuinely good one.

*The employment by a tutor (frighteningly also a child psychiatrist) of tyrannical and manipulative teaching techniques which broach no question. Any attempt, however serious, by a student to critique a theory is met with disdain and/or a manipulative attempt to ignore it.

So much for the Open Society, and potential for genuine growth of knowledge.

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