Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nothing Could Have Been Done?

From the Saturday Times, Nothing Can Stop a Pencil Sharpener becoming a Weapon, in which the views of the parents are sharply at odds with the way the school representatives saw the situation:

The headmaster claimed that the incident "could not have been anticipated or prevented." The girl's grandmother, however, "claimed that the attack was the culmination of a campaign of animosity waged by the 'bully' against her granddaughter."

Further: "The victim's father, Lee Naylor, said yesterday that he had been at the school with his daughter only two hours before Wednesday's attack to discuss with a deputy headmaster the history of problems between the two girls."

The headmaster goes on to say "there was no action the school could have taken which would make it impossible for a child to turn a pencil sharpener into a lethal weapon".

Nothing at all that one can do to prevent one's child being exposed to physical and mental violence within the schooling system? One wonders how this doesn't make every single parent in the land question the validity of schooling.

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