Thursday, September 07, 2006

Causes of Autism

We must all have seen this story by now, but the general reaction in the parts of the HE community I have encountered so far is that the MMR theory is not going away.

I, personally, am booking Dd in for her booster, and thanking my lucky stars that I married a younger man.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe it to be a real illness?

Carlotta said...

I dunno, tbh...the jury still seems to be out on this one... but this evidence does seem to suggest a link with genetic deterioration.

Anonymous said...

Whilst the study looks very extensive and the results, therefore, potentially accurate, the risk is still incredibly low....50 in 10,000...Hardly something that will cause older men much concern!

The problems for older women, and the potential effect on the baby of their age, are much worse, sadly.


Ruth said...

Hum well my youngest are autistic and my dh was only 30 when we had them so I am sceptical.

Mike said...

Bloody hell...He had a hard paper round then!!!!