Friday, September 22, 2006

School Children Strike

And it's now in its fourth day. The children have had enough of injustice, and are out on the playing fields, refusing to budge. PJ is apparently very popular and normally gentle - the headteacher must be regretting not considering his motives as a mitigating factor when deciding his fate.

(PJ's brother is not only autistic and therefore defenseless, but reportedly also unwell in other ways. )


Tim said...

Curious that this has a mention in the Grauniad,,1876921,00.html

But seems otherwise to have been ignored.

The Grauniad article seems to suggest that the numbers are not exactly the 'hundreds' in the article you linked to though.

Carlotta said...

I agree that it is strange how this story didn't make more news. Perhaps this sort of thing is actually happening all the time and we simply don't know it!

It is tipping with rain there now, so perhaps there really are only 18 left. Will try to find out!

Anonymous said...

What a sad story. I saw no mention of punishment for the boy who threw the rock and hit the autistic boy--was there any?

Carlotta said...

Good point, Karen. I will check it out.