Wednesday, September 27, 2006

James Bartholomew on Radio 4

James Bartholomew makes the case for home education on the Jeremy Vine Show (kindly made easy to access by Rowan FW). JB does very well for a newbie.

It emerges, however, that Rod Liddle isn't the only regular HE bashing hack. Carol Sarler, who has already achieved a degree of notoriety with her bad-tempered performance in a debate with Mike Fortune Wood, is back. Like Rod, she appears to have improved upon her arguments, being considerably better mannered and more thoughtful, but still failing to provide the devastating refutation of home education to which she clearly aspires.


Lucy said...

yes we listened to this too - that woman really wasn't making sense at all...

Carlotta said...

She seems to have no idea that HE really may be the better option for many children and that the presence of many of these children in schools would not enhance the situation there at all.

Why, I wonder, does she really not want to consider the needs of such children?

Lucy said...

She just seemed determined to defend her stance despite having no real good point to make.

Rowan Fortune-Wood said...

If anyone wants easier access to it I’ve got the debate uploaded on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

As always C Sarler has extreme thoughts on everything..little wonder the SS turned up at her door!!!
I think James Bartholomew did his best to make a clear acount of his plans, but he fell into the old trap of admitting to having a plan.
As we all know when dealing with LEA or any other critics you never say what you are going to do..always tell them what you have done after the event.
He was picked up on the latin issue and then had to mumble his way out of it!
I think he lacks practical experience of HE as he has done it for so little time, and this showed.
I think he is still a little green...interview him after 2 years and hopefully he will be able to keep that mad woman away:-)