Sunday, September 03, 2006

More on Children's Database

Following the recent publicity in the Guardian, Telegraph and the Mail and on Channel 4, it looks as though there are more bloggers to add to the list of those opposing the establishment of a children's database.

For example:

A View From England

The Devil's Kitchen

The Last Boy Scout

IT Law in Ireland

Stumbling and Mumbling

Think Mojo

Unlimited Jargon

and an update, including appropriately strong language, from Mr Eugenides.


mel@arch said...

Just to prove how safe confidential info might be....

Carlotta said...

Thanks Mel.

There was a similar story in the Spectator this week, which also meant to blog. It concerned a police officer who was making a very tidy living out of selling ID data on to interested parties (including quite a lot of journalists!). He would usually double his money in most instances, buying info that he couldn't already lay his hands on immediately, and selling it on.

Impossible to think that children will be safe under such circumstances. Abusive partners would pitch up all over the place.