Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"I Smack and I'm Proud"

I missed this ITV production, but I am very reliably informed that none of the families came out looking good. The religious Home Schooling smackers apparently came out the best of the bad bunch, since they only used the technique very rarely, (though the threat of violence presumably hung over the children).

My informants were clear that smacking was completely unnecessary in every case, since that there were always other (better) options - for who wants to resort to violence when there are other easily available solutions?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I've upped the anti smacking counter by one - but it needs quite a few more before it is the majority!


Lady Liberty said...

What do those in the UK consider smacking?
When you say smack to me it mean in the face?
Is this also on the hand or on the butt?

Clare said...

Smacking is essentially the common UK term for any sort of corporal punishment for children. I imagine most UK parents would say 'slap' for if they smack someone in the face.

Jax said...

If a parent refers to smacking a child, they are often talking about backside or leg I would guess.

If a teenager talks about giving someone a smack, it would probably be more in the face.

It's not a fixed term.

I made a conscious decision not to watch the program.

Allie said...

'Twas a hideous programme but quite good for exposing the fact that adults generally smack when they are angry - something most people deny. The Christian home schooling family didn't seem to use smacking in anger but that kind of cold, considerered assault actually makes my stomach turn more than someone reaching the end of their tether.

What was very disappointing was the 'expert' encouraging one smacking family to use alternative punishment for behaviour that was just being a child. She pointed out how 'devastated' the child was to be banished from the room, so suggested that this was a good alternative to smacking! No-one mentioned being postive and trying to improve family relationships all round. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I fear the world one day will become a vicious cycle of lies, where people go round and round the same old things and human condition never changes.