Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Future for Home Education in England bleak, according to Blogdial, who has a very reasonable take on the ContactPoint story and a tragic portrayal of how it will be for home educators when the authorities start to use the database in conjunction with their duty to find children missing from education.


Ruth said...

I disagree with Blogdial, the first leak will be within weeks not months, although we probably won't find out about it for months.

I don't think it'll make the future of HE bleak, just make life a lot more difficult for those of us doing it and those currently happily under the radar most of all. The point about other groups being targeted is well made and something that needs to be made very, very public. This isn't just our fight.

Ruth said...

"Monthly reports created by the ContactPoint database will be sent to local authorities listing the names of children not recorded at an education setting"

I'm puzzled. Does this mean LAs won't have the ability to create these kinds of reports themselves? Or is it just a not so subtle method of nagging them?

Carlotta said...

Yeah...I don't understand that either. Am hoping that like much of what they say about ContactPoint, it turns out not to be true.