Friday, September 05, 2008

James Bartholomew's Progress Report

With apologies for the unanticipated suspension of activity here: (our plans for an internet link-up went belly-up within hours of leaving these sodden shores), it is cheering to return to the news that James Bartholomew is clearly enjoying his experience of home educating his daughter and great to know that at least someone other than a native Italian will be able to speak the language.

As far as we're concerned, the jury is out on our progress with Spanish, but I can say with absolute certainty that I personally learnt far more of the language in five days there than I would have done in five years in an English classroom. Portuguese on the other very sorry to anyone I spoke to in Portugal. The effort of attempting to learn two languages almost simultaneously proved way too much for me!


Ruth said...

I followed across to the connected article "Why homeschooling might not be such a great idea" - Henry needs his head washing!

And from the article itself:

"mix with such a wide variety of children, of different ages" my A$$! We didn't even mix with kids from other sets. The last thing in the world you were allowed to do was mix with other year groups! That's a reason for choosing HE not school [rolls eyes]

Ruth said...

p.s. that second one links back to your blog! Which is cool.

and an American blog. Which is weird because there are other UK HE blogs out there. Guess she couldn't be bothered to research that far?

Carlotta said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Ruth...would otherwise have almost certainly have missed that.

Can sense another blog post coming on!

Bishop Hill said...

When an article like this comes up, the normal response from HE people is fire out some anecdotal evidence about their own experiences. I wonder if a better idea would be to point people to Paula Rothermel's research, which is pretty convincing on most of the main objections to HE.

Carlotta said...

Good point, Bishop. Will add a link to the post above.