Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good News

With all this bad news around, (though no, I haven't yet lost my faith in free markets), I have decided to post anything I come across that cheers me up.

news of cheap yet efficient solar panels.

The idea of kite-generated electricity has always seemed very appealing.

From the Oil Drum: "While a goal of 100% of carbon-free electricity is probably unrealistic, (by 2020), it therefore seems possible to get pretty close to that, especially if nuclear and hydro are included in the mix (with wind). A plan that announced a specific goal of 40-50% of wind-generated electricity by 2020 and 10-20% of solar, with the appropriate feed-in mechanisms, demand guarantees for manufacturers and investment in the grid would therefore be realistic, make economic sense, and fulfill two major strategic goals: reduce carbon emissions, and lower fossil fuel demand."


Ruth said...

Excellent news about the solar panels. The sooner the better! Right now the time they take to pay for themselves is just too long. More efficient, cheaper panels combined with rising fuel prices should really push uptake. We've got a shed that could usefully hold some panels if they were cheap and good enough :-)

Carlotta said...

Would be great, wouldn't it!