Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Riposte the letters in the Independent:

"Home schooling is nothing radical

Johann Hari (Opinion, 11 September) really ought to be a little more careful. Home education in the UK has a long and proud tradition, and there are a huge number of families (at least, where we are in central London) who are actively involved in a thriving home-education community. The kids have a great time and are bright and well adjusted. They can count, too.

We don't deserve tarring with such a mucky brush. These kids are not being "uneducated" or abused. They're just being educated by their parents. Not very radical really. All parents worth their salt do the same; we (saintly as we are) just do a bit more.

As for Hari's call for draconian inspection, well, it's a bit pointless really. Social services already have the right to call on any family (home-educating or not) if they have reasonable suspicion of abuse.

Perhaps it would make a little more sense to direct resources towards a rather more careful inspection of schools. There they would find no end of children who are bored, ostracised, bullied, isolated, and tested-to-death.

And then what, Johann? Close the schools and send the kids home, perhaps? Just an idea.

Edward Hardy

London W2"


Anonymous said...

What an excellent letter! Glad to see that the papers print such corrections of error.


Carlotta said...

It seems that he is talking about mis sobrinos, inter alia. Nice fellow.

Ed said...

I have never heard them count and they certainly can't spell. No, I was referring to my own.

Carlotta said...

I mean that "thriving community".