Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Education in the News

Ann Newstead, Prof. Alan Thomas and Janey Lee Grace continue to do stirling work with the media here on the London News (from about 5 mins), and here, along with a number of other HEors, on the Vanessa Feltz show (from 43 mins). You can catch part of the earlier version of the London news here.

Dd (6) watched the NUT's Tim Harrison's contributions with a considerable degree of incredulity and offered precise refutations of his assertions all along the way, eg: "no, home education is entirely my choice. If I didn't want to do it, mum and dad would send me to school". "No, I didn't look forward to going to school. My mum makes sure I see my friends" and "I would miss my real friends if I went to school."

I suppose it's useful for Dd to know that people in positions of power can be utterly uninterested in the truth of the matter, though it would seem to be a terrible indictment of the school system that so many critics of home education seem utterly incapable of changing their minds in the face of the evidence.

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Ruth said...

The lunchtime HE family sequence now has a direct link - although that means missing Alan Thomas.

I keep checking back to see if the evening one is up yet ... very frustrating, how long can it take?!