Friday, July 24, 2009

Barking and Dagenham on Suitable Education

Request for information LBBD/ 38483

Your request for information about home tuition has now been considered
and the information is shown below.

A) I would like to know of these children how many are there where the
visiting person has concerns that a 'suitable' education is being

In most cases the education provided is regarded as 'suitable' in terms of the current rather imprecise legislation. In a small number elements of the provision are judged to need some improvement but not to the degree that the education is considered unsuitable overall. Where
parents are happy to work with officers monitoring the provision they make advice and support are offered in order to benefit the child.

B) I would also appreciate it if this information could be broken down into categories:
1) whether they feel that no education is taking place?
2) Whether they feel that the philosophy of education is inadequate -for example in the case of autonomous or child led learning, that particular child is not appearing to be learning 'enough'?
3) Whether there are concerns because the family have not implemented a structured
4) Or whether the fact that the national Curriculum is not being followed is causing concern?

Judgements are made in relation to current legislation which requires education to be both suitable and efficient. Judgements are made in relation to what the parent has previously described as his or her objectives for learning. The categories listed do not, therefore, apply.

C) If there are children in the above 4 categories, please indicate if further steps are being taken- for example, issuance of a School Attendance Order?

No Attendance Orders are currently being pursued.

D) Please also indicate if any Education Supervision Orders are currently in court for this population?

Not applicable.

E) Please can you confirm whether any children who fit into the above categories of concern about 'educational provision suitability' would also therefore be referred to Social Services?

See above. In the event of any concerns about a child's safety or well-being these would, of course, be referred immediately to Social Services.

F) Lastly is it possible in your Local Authority that Social Services are involved with a family but that the EHE department do not know of this involvement? (This involvement would be on an on-going basis rather than a one off referral which is found to be of no genuine concern).

Children's Services officers work closely together and we think it unlikely that Social Workers would not liaise either with a school, or officers of the School Improvement Service, who monitor Education Otherwise than at School.

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