Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It IS Worth Writing to Your MP

Well done, my neighbouring home educators! Our MP has signed Mark Field's EDM. Good man.

It really IS worth writing to your MP about this it seems. Several letters along the lines of the one here seemed to have worked to provide the necessary information.


Maire said...

Hope you don't mind, I have nicked yours completely, letter writing fatigue setting in!

oolicle, nice word, needs a meaning.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear all the letter writting is working and there's decent politicians.

Anonymous said...

Spent some time yesterday with another home ed family: she wrote to our MP and I wrote to the councillor.
I don't think our MP will sign-but it was worth a try.

Carlotta said...

Hi Mum of 6.

I do understand how it might seem, and actually I didn't think my MP would sign either, based on previous correspondence. But on receipt of further evidence re HE children actually being at a disproportionately LOW risk of abuse, he clearly has understood that the Badman proposals are not proportionate and indeed are highly damaging, and did therefore sign, so I do think it is worth trying.

Elizabeth said...

Carlotta--as a non-native--what exactly does a EDM mean? If they get enough signatures do they toss the bill out?