Thursday, July 02, 2009

What's Wrong with the Badman Report and its Conclusions

Maire and Bruce Stafford provide a neat summary for the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

They have also done some stirling work, along with Jax and others, answering Delyth Morgan's extraordinary assertion that:

"We do not expect them [Badman's recommendations] to place any significant additional burdens on local authorities as most already monitor home education, and our proposals will provide additional powers that will assist local authorities in dealing more efficiently with the small number of cases where home education does not come up to scratch."

Delyth, fyi, round here, we have one poor EWO who is meant to be covering all the excluded, disillusioned, truanting school kids as well as us HEors. Despite being in post for over a year now, he hasn't managed to visit even a quarter of the HEors he knows about. If he had heard from his predecessor that families were doing well, he has left it at that, poor man.

Badman proposes that all HEors be visited within one month of registration and then "visited over the following twelve months".

No additional burdens? I do think you need to think again, and get onto doing your Impact Assessment pdq.


Grit said...

astonishing she said that! our local council children's services has just been judged 'inadequate' in its 'annual performance assessment'. and these are the people who then can cope with 100-odd bolshy home educators?!

Firebird said...

Ours got an 'inadequate' too with the Staying Safe ECM outcome being the one that got them the 1 out of 4.

They failed to vet staff who were working with children and that with a £14 million overspend on the Children's Services budget!

I'm sure the EHE staff would love more power over us (people like them usually do) but not more compulsory work, but the department and the council just don't have the money!

Anonymous said...

Are the government ministers quite sane?

Does this woman live in LA LA land?

No doubt they'll expect us to pay for our own inspections next.


Anonymous said...

This is the woman who started the slur, she obviously doesn't want impact assessments, because her little plan will fall apart.