Thursday, July 09, 2009

Write to Your LA Inspector/EWO

Further on what to do in response to the Badman recommendations:

If you know your LA inspector/EWO, it might be a good idea to write to them and ask them how they will feel about visiting children and families who expressly does not wish to see them and about seeing children without their parents present.

Ask them about how they feel about the extra liabilities* they will incur and whether they think they will end up referring people on to social services just to cover their backs.

Ask them how much extra work they will have to take on and what extra resources and training they will require in order to be able to see all the newly registered HEors at least twice a year.

Leave a comment here if you've done this, and also if you receive a response.

*For a more extended argument on the extension of their liabilities, go here.


Anonymous said...

I wrote to my EWO a long time ago pointing out that the review would have an adverse effect on him too and that the breakdown in trust between families and EWOs (thanks in a large part to that Mooney bloke) would surely make his life harder.
He basically agreed and was relieved I think that at least one family saw how it was going to be for him.
I worry that he might just retire and we could then end up with some tin-pot-hitler. I did ask him to try and ride the storm as pro-home ed EWOs are sorely needed right now.
I have been wondering about writing to him again; have a few other people to write to first.
I'll let you know what, if any, replies come my way

Merry said...

We had an LA visit last week; unfortunately he has been made redundant as he also felt it was far too far reaching, would place an intolerable burden on them and would be costly and unworkable. Plus any of the people who are "unknown abusers" are hardly likely to register anyway.

Even more unfortunately, i got the distinct impression that as his role is going, we are getting handed on to social services/childrens service/someone we aren't going to be happy about.

Carlotta said...

Hi Merry,

Ouch. That is extremely annoying.

I do wonder who in the LA would be happy to take on the responsibilities that Badman proposes. I can't imagine that social workers would be terribly happy.

Social workers in a neighbouring authority here have demonstrated next to no knowledge about various forms of home education. I think they would need just as much training in education as the EWOs/LA inspectors would need in welfare.