Monday, July 20, 2009

A Response from the Children's Commissioner

"Thank you for your letter of 19 June.

We think that for most children who are home educated, it is the right choice for them and their families; that they are cared for, safe and receive as good an education as they would elsewhere.

Sadly, this is not the case for all children. Our job is to promote the views and best interests of children and to make every effort to ensure that all children are supported to achieve their very best and to always be protected. We have supported the review of home education as a way of working with families to ensure that we have a system that meets our shared aspirations for children and young people.

The Government is now consulting on the monitoring for children educated at home, which include ideas on keeping children safe and also looking at the quality of education children receive. The consultation closed on 19 October. Your views are important so do make sure you have your views heard. This can be found at

We will also responding to this consultation, seeking to ensure that the views of children are reflected in the Government’s consideration of these issues, and we would be very pleased to receive your comments.

Yours sincerely,"

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