Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bully Boy Tactics?

A wonderful day at an HE meeting, with over forty people present. There was not one, NOT ONE even minor instance of bullying there, not between children or between children and parents.

It occurs to me that seeing as everyone else seems to be allowed to prove a pre-conceived point by doing what is in reality a completely bogus 'scientific' experiment, why don't we do a similar 'scientific' study to prove that school causes bullying?

Ok, so we wouldn't stoop so low. Plus, there's no need. We have good arguments which contain strong explanations as to why the incidence of bullying looks to be such a feature of school life, and as to why this stands in such vast contrast to the levels of bullying in the HE community, where by example it seems quite clear that bullying is far from being the congenital feature of childhood that it is all too often assumed to be.

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Mike said...

Funnily enough I spent most of the day ice skating with another HE group. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get any of the older kids to assault the smaller ones. Also, when answering the call of nature I was shocked to discover that there were no groups of kids using the cubicles as a smoking den.

All in all it was very disturbing.