Friday, April 15, 2005

Social Graces

Uncontrolled corpsing is not, sadly, confined to TV land. I think I may owe someone a signficant apology since there is a reasonable chance that I have just rendered a perfectly innocent elderly gentleman with a perfectly acceptable hair cut, completely incapable of leaving his house for a couple of months until his hair grows a bit.

We were down in what now passes for our local with a couple of friends, discussing one of those subjects that even in the best possible world, one simply cannot imagine discussing with one's parents, when in walks her dad. Her partner's double-take fell directly within my line of sight and caused me to fall sideways off my chair, as if trying to find something extremely important under the table. Once it became apparent that there was absolutely nothing of significant interest anywhere under there, given the circumstances, I was quite pleased with myself for managing to come up with the haircut excuse.

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