Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What would your Child Choose?

Here's a reason to make quite sure your kids know that they could home educate if ever they want to, and that they needn't even tell you why they want to.

A conversation today:

Mum A, "She (referring to me) home educates"

Mum B, (who is just about to take a music class for about 30 toddlers and their mums), "Ah, why?

Me: Um, well, schools aren't right for all children.

Mum B: In what way do you mean?

Me: Well, some children are very self-directed learners, and then there is the problem of the bullying culture.

Mum B: I was bullied at school. All of my time there, apart from the first term.

Me: (temporarily shocked) You? Someone like you? Ah yes, actually that figures. You're so competent in every way.

Mum B, (as class start time draws closer and choosing words with great pain, describes the bullying, which included unremitting exclusion, stone throwing, threats that she must fail at things or else.)

Mum A, (mockingly because embarrassed), Oh you're so scarred.

Mum B, (starts crying, whilst desperately trying not to), I wish I'd been home educated. I can't believe I've said all this. I never told my parents. I can't say any more.

Class starts.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! So upsetting. Much better that it is put into words though...