Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Problems with the Solution

Of course, every solution presents a new problem, and a problem that can arise from the solution of the adoption of the theory of parental fallibility and a reasoned preference for attempting not to bully one's children, is that the parent can be so clear about the issue of the suboptimal nature of bullying, coupled with the effort that is sometimes required, (if one is feeling knackered it seems easier to scream an order than change preferences 20 times), that all this, ie: the effort all this entails and the guilt about failing, can result in negative parental emotions that perhaps the child would rather avoid even more than a simple case of bullying!

Of course, this is no solution at all, so how can one improve upon this? Well, maximising the use of all one's resources definitely helps: setting out to seek help, using creativity and ingenuity in thinking ahead to conjure up those resources and being prepared to actually use them. There is also the more instant solution of simply not feeling the guilt too heavily. One can see it instead as an opportunity to improve the situation, even if only with an apology.

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