Friday, April 15, 2005


There are out-takes and there are out-takes. We found this one again this morning, when looking for something else (of a much more obviously educational nature, you understand).

An Irish reporter was on location investigating Laughter Therapy. A laughter class was being held outside in a lovely little grotto-type garden, with pupils and class guru standing in a circle. They were making a variety of noises, including chuckles, chortles and a parpy sort of sound.

Reporter, sceptically ..."So how does this work then?" The class guru, by way of response, emits a high-pitched giggle and the class obligingly chortle and parp back at him.

Reporter manages "Well, I think you's is all mad", before snorting uncontrollably and falling head first into a bush. There are off-camera clanks and strange camera angles which suggest the crew are also corpsing.

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