Thursday, April 14, 2005


What do hamsters and marijuana have in common? I'll tell you. They are both perfect examples, should anyone be in any doubt about the matter, of the fact that evolution is the theory of choice, both when it comes to explain the origin of species, and also how it is that one can end up with one's head apparently stuck to the sitting room floor.

All those years ago, spliffs were just a sort of barely considered adjunct to an evening. One only eventually gave it all up once it finally sank in that it was hindering one's chances of finding the 24hour corner shop. So, woe betide anyone who even sits in the same room nowadays. What now happens is that one ends up lying down somewhere immediately to hand, trying to come to terms with the fact that one's brains have been sucked out and replaced with a bundle of straw.

Then the hamsters. Am I completely wrong in remembering these as ponderous little animals which could be easily cut off at the pass? They aren't now. They dart about rooms with people desperately scrabbling at them, rather as cats try to catch a waggled torch light.

Evolution in a few short years. Quite why hamsters should have sped up to quite this extent, I have no idea. Or could it be that it is only the plant derivative that has evolved?


Mike said...

I am laughing at the pictures in my head.

Anonymous said...

...umm, sounds like a pretty good party. Lots of cannabis and marauding furry rodents...

Upon informing a shop keeper that my spaniel had eaten my mobile phone charger, she told me that her hamster had chewed through her phone lines. Just to remind you to safeguard your blogging ability when turning your brains to straw!