Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dodgy Consultations Again

I admit I haven't kept fully up to speed on the DfES Consultation on the Definition of the Meaning of Full-Time Education (closed 26th February), but just to note that Jim Knight's answer here has received a sceptical response in the Home Education community, members of whom have up until now, supposed that despite the fact that home educators could be significantly affected by the outcome of the consultation, they had actually not been informed by anyone official that it was taking place at all. It was only the sharp eyes of a single home educator who happened to be trawling the DfES consultation site looking for the other consultation on home education which meant that we knew anything about it...or so it has seems to us.

If anyone knows otherwise do let us know, but in the absence of any other information, it might be wise to alert David Amess MP of the fact that primary stakeholders were not informed of the consultation process and that Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Consultations has therefore not been observed, as Mr Knight would have it.

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