Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Can be Done to Reclaim Childhood?

Any Home Educators out there brave enough to face a Telegraph comment section?


jax said...

There isn't any point, it wouldn't be listened to :(

Raquel said...

hmm having read a few of the comments I think I might just leave that one!Although there was one comment about having the mother back in the home..though I don't think they meant that she should be home edding..rather just being there baking cakes and smiling innanely methinks!

Anonymous said...

How to persuade morons that think that technology and pretend violence hurts children? Hard one.

Games don't steal kids their imagination or their will to do other things. I see it everyday.

How to argue this without using anedoctes that violate our families' privacies?

33, 452 said...

"How to persuade..."

I, personally, wouldn't waste my time on such people, but if you want to persuade them, then make them follow their ideas to their logical conclusions. Ask them:

Should newspapers be moved to the top shelf because of the depiction of violent scenes? And should the news only be broadcast after the watershed?

Do you wish to see a book burning of anything by the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson?

Should we issue a ban on dolls in order to allow children to *imagine* that they are playing with a baby without "detrimental" visual and textual aids?

Etc Etc

It probably won't work though - they probably wouldn't see any link whatsoever between their own ideas and examples like the ones I suggest. If they were capable of thinking that clearly, they'd have already noticed the flaws in their thinking by themselves. You could try it though.

33, 452 said...

Just reading through the comments on there and rolling my eyes a lot.

One thing, do you reckon the "gundogs" one is spoof? I presume it is, but you never know with Telegraph readers!

Carlotta said...

Spoof and the argument to the logical conclusions could be the way to go, I think! Anyone game? though I do agree, the welter of misconception can make the whole thing seem quite hopeless!