Monday, March 26, 2007

Special Needs Children Bullied in Schools

No wonder there is such a high number of children with Asperger syndrome amongst the Home Education community, though actually bullying in schools is but one small reason why so many of these children are HEd.


33, 452 said...

Poor kids. :(

There is only one way to defeat bullying in schools, and that is to close schools.

The idea that such regimented institutions could exist free of bullying is laughable (admittedly it's only laughable in a bitter, let's-all-go-shoot-ourselves-now, kind of a way, but it's laughable nontheless).

Anonymous said...

Bullying is endemic in our society and at every level: within families, within schools, within the workplace, within the government. If we want to prevent bullying in schools we need to prevent bullying everywhere else too. This is why we actively fight attempts further to curtail learning freedoms in HE; this is ultimate why such fights are so much of a struggle.