Friday, March 09, 2007

Update on the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Tour

From the UK HE grapevine we hear that the planned UK tour by the Old Schoolhouse Magazine whose editors refused to dissociate themselves from their sponsors, Debi and Michael Pearl, had been curtailed somewhat, with only eight out of the twelve venues agreeing to hold the meetings. The German leg of the tour was cancelled altogether.

The Pearls, if they were to practice what they preach, ie: that it is acceptable to use various kinds of implements including switches and piping with which to beat children, including infants under the age of one, would in all likelihood, be prosecuted for assault in this country.

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Ruth said...

Pity they don't come here and get prosecuted then. Seriously tho I am amazed 8 venues are still agreeing to host them:( It is chilling.