Saturday, March 10, 2007

Privacy? What Privacy

ARCH, as indispensible as usual, has the situation exactly:

"For anyone still feeling confused about the relationship between the Information Sharing Index ‘Contactpoint’, the Integrated Children’s System and the eCAF, the DfES has published a handy guide called ‘How ICS, CAF and ContactPoint fit together: A short essay on Harnessing Information for ECM’ (ECM = Every Child Matters)

The document is keen to stress that no case information will be held on ‘Contactpoint’, provoking another of those “do they think our heads button up the back?” moments. It doesn’t need to hold case information! Once practitioners are in contact with each other, case information can be exchanged directly between their systems, thanks to the government’s e-GIF (e-Government Interoperability Framework) which mandates that all systems must be able talk to each other. "

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