Friday, June 22, 2007

Bee Garden

I love this patch of the garden so much. Credit is due to Dh for sticking with the idea when I had most definitely lost the faith! All native plants, blue/pink/ purple crane's bills, fox gloves, forget-me-nots, clovers, poppies, hedge wort, dead nettles, spurges, buttercups, dandelions, shepherds purse, vetch, cornflower, scabius, fumaria and a yellow one whose name I've forgotten, but I think it's a member of the cabbage family.
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33, 452 said...

That is simply gorgeous! :)


Dawniy said...

really nice :)
our whole garden is heading the way of natural flowers now , a woodland sort of thing . Good for the butterflies :)

Carlotta said...

That's so satisfying! The more patches that provide respite for insects - it's almost a duty, I now think, to let our lawn go to clover - no more green concrete here...

Some of the crane-bills have already produced seed, so am thinking the whole garden may be covered in them next year, and actually it is all standing up remarkably well in this heavy rain.