Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dr Phil Baffled by Unschooling

If you can cope with a stream of fatuous remarks, you can see how a couple stoically attempted to deal with Dr Phil's misperceptions about unschooling here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I couldn't even bear the thought.
I'll discuss 'unschooling' with anyone, sing it's praises and talk about the evident successes, as I know you will, at any time but...........Dr Phil is a waste of time

Anonymous said...

Had to stop watching after a while.
Dr Phil seems like a bigoted fool.

And that string of teachers who they wheeled out spitting the same stupid justifictions for their careers....just as I expected.

Interesting though that the couple called schools "prisons". I've been calling them that for a long time.

Ooo and I mustn't forget that children haven't got life experience and can't make decisions for themselves. Must remember that when I'm 70. I'll not make any decisions until I'm 97 and have the life experience to make them...


Carlotta said...

It did seem quite extraordinarily unbalanced that Dr Phil could think that children can't make a reasonable decision on this due to their inexperience of school, (though many unschoolers round here make a big attempt to show children the local schools and to spend time in classroom like situations), and yet he felt that he could make assumptions about how he would behave had he been unschooled when he had absolutely no idea what he would have been like. The idea that a child becomes a couch potato when given freedom and options is ludicrous.

Ruth said...

I had to laugh at the teacher who asked if the children only mixed with other homeschoolers like it was a negative. Who does she think schooled children are mixing with apart from schooled children?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny that he thought children couldn't make their own decision because of inexperience but quickly added that of course he didn't think the children should 'have the choice before thier brains are fully developed'.

IME children having the choice freaks people out more than how they are educated.

Then he contradicts himeself with 'Aren't you imposing your own agenda?' Gosh doesn't conventional parenting/education?


Carlotta said...

Lol...I'd love to have seen you all go head to head with Dr. Phil!

And he couldn't even pull rank on you, SF!

Anonymous said...

The first couple wasn't very prepared for the interview but I liked their replied. I wish they were my neighbors.

The mum of the second couple made homeschooling look really irrational, though.

Dr. Phils' questions were fair, it's the questions the general public asks. What is irritating is of course he likes to have the last say, but it's his show.

It's also interesting the negative aspect of homeschooling, was pointed out. It should never be the parents to choose to take their kids away from mainstream society against their will.

The sense of belonging to mainstream society and relating to what others of your generation did is very strong. School sucks, but we've all been in it, that kind of thing.

It's curious Dr. Phil voted for all types of education? Because as a host he has to keep the debate open?

Greg Laden said...

I didn't think Dr Phil was totally negative about homeschooling. He was asking some important questions of all forms of "schooling" (education, learning).

Not that I'm a Dr. Phil fan (I don't watch his show)....