Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Tory Party View of HE

...via Action for Home Education, we hear that the shadow DfES team

"...believe that parents should be free to choose the best education for their children, including home education, and that the Government should make sure that all the options are able to work properly. "

Yup, given that they are positioning themselves as the party of personal/parental/civic (rather than state) responsibility, HE should make sense to them. They also don't go for compulsory education beyond the age of 16. Scroll to the bottom of the wiki page to read the letter in full.


Bishop Hill said...

I wonder what the last bit means though.

Carlotta said...

I agree, it could be scary. Am hoping that their policy* of less state interference, coupled with offers of help rather than insistence on oversight will translate into - get LAs off HEors backs and let them get on with it, unless they are clearly failing their kids, and also make offers of help, such as provision of easy access to courses and exams...that would be my personal dream come true.


"A combination of less state interference, more support for families and "social enterprises", trusting people more would create a "framework of incentives that encourages civility and pro-social behaviour"