Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Consultation for the Younger HEKs

Freedom for Children to Grow has some very satisfactory draft responses for the Consultation about Raising the Leaving Age for compulsory education. Closing date: Thursday 14 June 2007.

If it happens at all, it won't take effect until 2013, - yep, just when Ds is 16. Think we'd better talk this one through then. My guess is he will be more than clear that the very notion of compulsory education (at any age), is so ridiculously meaningless, being an epistemological impossibility, that perpetuating a legal requirement for such nonsense beyond the current age limit would be extraordinarily absurd.

You can take a pupil to a classroom, but you can't MAKE him think.

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Dawniy said...

love your little saying at the end there.