Friday, June 08, 2007

Change One Thing

This is tricky. I want to change two things:

1. to make home education more easily accessible for all children.
2. to make public examinations more easily accessible for HEks.

If you and yours have a clear idea of what you would change if you were PM for the day, mail Every Disabled Child Matters, (which appears to be a consortium of charities), by the 22nd June and your views should appear on their website.

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Anonymous said...

My first law would definitely be that children have the same rights to live without intimidation/bullying and violence as adults. This problem is something that is probably even worse for disabled children who are that much more dependent.

That law would solve all sorts of problems! Children don't, then, have to go to school because people couldn't intimidate them into going!

I'm not so sure that I would bother with facilitating the current exams, I think I would make it possible to find alternatives to the systme we have now that would be a better reflection of standards in the chosen area and would be less limited by all the obvious inadequacies of the exam system.

A thought provoking question!