Wednesday, June 06, 2007

HE Street Performers on Tour

...this time, in our county town. Bloomin' marvellous!
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Anonymous said...

looks brilliant! Wish I'd had a day off to see!


Anonymous said...

It was brilliant! They had a wonderful time. It started when the youngsters themselves applied for funding-they got enough to pay for drama lessons all year, design and build scenery (the silver time machine) design and make the costumes(don't they look great?, research the themes and music, recording and travel expenses.

They have performed it twice at Malvern Street Festival and twice in Hereford on World Enviroment day. Hopefully they will be able to perform it again at HesFes, if we can transport the time machine!

They were very professional, attracting a good crowd each time and prompting lots of interest.
And best of all they had such a good time and gained enormous confidence as they went along.

Carlotta said...

Yippeee...and a big call for an encore so that we can get to see it this time.