Monday, September 28, 2009

Badman's Report Rated One Star

...on Amazon.

From one commentator:

"On the assumption that no parent can be trusted with their children, (because they might possibly be abusing them,) and that they must all therefore be routinely checked out by the people who really should be trusted, (because they work for the local authority,) Badman tries to make his case for the official right of entry to homes on the basis of no concerns at all and enforced interview of children separated from their parents, using dodgy statistics backed up with generous portions of vested interest, ignorance and prejudice. The recommendations are an impressive display of ultra vires demands based on impoverished and narrow-minded failure to understand any form of education other than the state school model. This publication is a badly written, shoddy and poorly researched, but historic document signposting our tragic journey along the highway leading only to the graveyard of our freedoms in the UK via the manipulation of a superficially democratic framework. Very bad news for families and children."


Firebird said...

Very nice summary there. Well done that commenter!

Maire said...

Would anyone want to buy this rubbish!

Raquel said...

amazing that you have to BUY a report ,which seeks to control your future, that your taxes paid for!