Thursday, September 24, 2009

Begging Now: PLEASE STOP IT.

What can one say? We thought we were nearing the end of coping with this frightful meddling. At the very least, a large number of home educators have responded to the consultation on home education in 2007 which resulted in the relatively sensible Elective Home Education Guidelines. We answered Badman's questions at the beginning of this year. We have written to our MPs about the uselessness, wastefulness and the unconstitutional nature of Badman's recommendations and commented upon the clause in the draft legislative programme about increasing the monitoring of home educators. We've sent in our submissions to the Select Committee Inquiry. OK, we still have to fill in our consultation responses on the Badman recommendations, due in October 19th, but let's face it, many of us were thinking that at least we could see the light at the end of this absurdly dark tunnel, if not in terms of certainty about a successful outcome, at least in terms of freeing us from the endless scourge of form-filling and letter-writing, argument and explanation.

We shouldn't have to waste our time dealing with such serpentine interference in our everyday lives and yet now we hear, courtesy of EO, that there is to be another consultation that will doubtless impact upon home educators, one way or another, this time on the subject of the definition of full-time education.

When will they start to get it? When will the DCSF realise that the more they meddle with education, the more they mess it up? Back off. You don't help. Leave us alone to concentrate on educating our children, rather than trying to educate a bunch of people who were so poorly educated themselves that they don't realise that others will get on far better without their cack-handed, ignorant interference in the minutiae of our lives.


Lisa G said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Well said.

But they have to justify the existence of their jobs somehow, hence the constant abhorrent meddling.

That will all go soon when they lose those jobs.


elizabeth said...

They cannot afford to impose some mad "full time" education on everyone.

Still if they keep asking and we keep giving them the same answer then it sink in.

An effective fulltime education is 24 hours a day as long as it is not coerced.

They could save a fortune if they really listened to this.

Annkrozeika said...

Well said! This whole thing is just mad. And maddening!

Maire said...

When will they start to get it? When will the DCSF realise that the more they meddle with education, the more they mess it up?

Oh please, please let them realise this and please let their defeat be soon and devastating.

Anonymous said...

When I click on the EHE guidelines 2007 link on the right hand side I get straight to the June 2009 Badman report instead. Where are the EHE Guidelines?

Carlotta said...

Something freakish is happening there! I linked to a cached version of the EHE guidelines when I realised that the original location had moved, and come back to find Badman's report in place of that cached version!!!

I do the whole thing again just now, ...I think this time to a different cached version of the 2007 guidelines, and it did it again...first time, OK, then switched to the Badman report. Now what IS going on????

Maire said...

Have you read Lisa's post

We are all blogging about the disappearance of the guidelines and linking to each other, although I am not quite sure how we are meant to do that yet.

Very weird that your link now goes to the review, that can't be accidental.

Carlotta said...

Hi Maire,

Thanks so much for the heads up.

I agree, I don't *think* it can have been accidental either...though tbh, it is enough to make me wonder about my own sanity!

Maire said...

Well I have just posted on facebook about a google search for the guidelines taking me to a page that said one entry had been removed. A link too me to a site that was collecting information about cease and desist, but no one else has been able to see it when clicking the link and neither can i now. Sending us crazy was my conclusion too.