Sunday, September 06, 2009

What happens to "Uppity" Parents

They have their children taken away apparently.

UPDATE: whilst these genuinely vulnerable children appear to have been neglected by an understaffed and overloaded social work team in Doncaster.


Anonymous said...

Upperty parents.........................????

they aint seen nothing yet!!!!!

Raquel said...

interesting piece. I can't help wonder why it was written, and is so short? It sounds like a we should all behave..or else!

I'm very uppity I guess, though i prefer to call it *well informed*. I have been fortunate when I refused certain treatments for my child because I got a consultant who actually agreed with me and thought the blanket screening was ridiculous. As it was I saved my child from 3 years of unnecessary antibiotics. I imagine that it could have gone so very wrong if i had encountered someone who was less enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Uppity? Wait until they are staring down a shotgun barrel. They'll see what uppity is.

After all, a parent does have a right to fight off kidnappers even if the government won't.

BTW, why wasn't Gee Dubya taken away from his parents. Lord knows they contributed to his lack of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

According to Maritime Law, under which the U.S. - Canada and the Uk are DEFINETLY under, the children one gave birth to and raised, do NOT belong to you!

Church and State have tricked us into Registering them with the State thru a Birth Certificate and an SS No. (Canada has other ltr codes).

In other words, the Law system isn't broken, it was set up DELIBERATELY, this way.

The same with the language of Legalese. A commonly used word used by you daily, does NOT mean the same in Law. For es. the Word "Human" means "Monster" in Law. That's what the Elite consider us. See on line: "Blacks Law Dictionary" and
Bouvier's Law Dictionary.

We do this voluntarily, and unknowingly, hand them over.

Whenever any name appears in all Caps, that is your Legal Person/Strawman,under the Maritime Law human beings/children are Corporations, registered in the Stock market, and we make money for the State, which takes the profits for their own use. Same as your signature.

Read on line: "The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite" and or,
Youtube: Jordan Maxwell on Admiralty Law and Robert Arthur Menard vids (Freeman on the Land).

So, since we, unknowingly squealed on our own kinds, to the State, they can be taken away at any time for any reason.

Read averything you can about the Law. We ARE, in deed, Human Resources for the Soulless Elite.
Educate yourselves, People.

At least know what is going on behind our backs, and how we're being tricked, even by showing up in a Court of Law.

Keep the abouve references bookmarked for consultation/research