Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Autonomous Home Educators are Scared

It's not as if some local authorities don't already go way over the legal limit when it comes to deciding whether or not an education is suitable. Doncaster and North Lincs, for example, currently make demands that are ultra vires and this would only get worse should LAs be given the power to monitor home educators more extensively.


Maire said...

Now we wouldn't want them to remove that damning evidence yet but when this charade is over there must be something we can do. Surely LAs must have policy documents somewhere that say they must stick to the truth.

Are the elected councilors in any way accountable for things like this? Not really demanding an answer from you, just musing in your comment box.

I do seriously think that as a community we cannot allow this to go on, it is this considerable inch that has them demanding the mile.

Elizabeth said...

I just read this bit in the Guidance for Local Authorities for and Schools--PRU's and Alternative provision:

3.2 In addition, some parents decide to provide suitable education through educating their children at home [1],[2]. Other parents chose to place their children in the independent or non-maintained sector. These two groups are not the focus of this guidance.


[1] Under Section 7, Education Act 1996 which gives parents the right to education their children at home

[2] The term “parent” is used throughout this document to include parents/carers and those with parental responsibility

Doesn't this invalidate the LEA's for stipulating the 'full-time' hours on home educated families?

Links to document:

And then at the bottom of the page go to the link called

Guidance for LA's and school--PRUs and Alternative provision (that link wouldn't copy)