Monday, September 21, 2009

Phew - it's done

Have finally finished and sent a submission from our local group to the Select Committee Inquiry into the Badman Review, which of course, we can't post here as it is meant to be kept confidential until the Committee publishes its results.

Hope everyone else's is going well. Deadline: noon tomorrow. (22nd September).


Anonymous said...

Finished mine yesterday but want to go over it when my eyeballs aren't starting out of my head.

Will send it tonight.


Firebird said...

Getting there. Promised to post it to the local group for comments, corrections and adding of names tonight which will at least stop the endless urge to edit.

Maire said...

Well done, such a relief to press send isn't it.

Gill said...

Oh, I wanted to see yours :-(

So if they're not meant to be published yet, does that mean I can't submit this?

Firebird said...

We could probably get away with sharing them privatel y ;-)

I've got mine out to comment and have a nice glass of blackberry wine here on my desk to sip while I chill out a bit.

Carlotta said...

Hi Gill,

Great post - and clearly not an entire submission. I reckon that cannot be problematic, for that reason alone but also, since you have raised most (if not all) of the above issues in your stress-testing of the Review, (prior to the announcement of the Select Committee inquiry) there cannot be too many arguments against you putting them altogether in one place.

Gill said...

Hi C,

Yes, it's just the summary of my previous thoughts on the report. I don't know whether it'll be all that appropriate or useful to the committee, but will send it slightly reworded, as it's all I have.

I'm taking comfort from the fabulously detailed work that I'm seeing other people doing - I think collectively we'll be supplying quite enough information and comment!

G xx