Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Plymouth LA

..openly admits it discriminates against autonomous educators.

"With regard to your recent Freedom of Information request I can report back that of the five children noted as having concerns that a suitable education was being provided due to the philosophy of education being inadequate were all being autonomously home educated according to your definition."


Anonymous said...

They didn't exactly "openly" admit it, did they? What a lot of faff and fuddle to get a straight answer! I actually laughed when they asked what AE was!! Ye gods and little fishes! Then they admit that despite saying 3 children are receiving no education at all and 5 are a bit dodgy 'cuz of AE and then bizarrely 1 child is sus because there is no structure-but there is no further action being taken it seems. So they can't be that bothered really can they? What a bunch.

Maire said...

It is absolutely disgraceful and if it was my LA I would seriously be looking into how to report them to someone higher up, is there an LA ombudsman, to a councillor or and MP.

I think that now we are mobilised we should find a platform to illustrate exactly how to go about fighting ultra vires LAs not just individually by asking them to quote law etc but by reporting them to a higher authority. We need to find out what works.

I would also suggest the we begin the battle at the fist sign of an untruth, this is the only way as I have discovered in dealing with schools for 30 years.

Anonymous said...

There's a local authority ombudsman.

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