Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Co-Sleeping in the News

I personally couldn't have done it any other way but apparently there are people out there who breast feed their kids but don't share a bed with them! Whoa...I genuinely don't understand how they do it; but yes, it does indeed seem that there are some peeps who haven't realised that you can breast feed your children, get a good nights sleep, manage a love life and not suffocate your kids all with one simple manoeuvre...get a big enough bed.

Apropos the article above, am not quite sure why you have to turf them out at age five, but horses for courses. Some kids will be ready for their own space well before this.

(INcidentally - eugh! You can probably tell that I don't usually get round to spell checking - but I may be even less likely to from now on. What is this "maneuver" thing?)


Anonymous said...

Only just got round to reading this and must say it is about time the scientific world backed up what parents probably have always known innately. It's the so called 'specialists' and parenting gurus that are to blame for writing books on the subject without really knowing what they are talking about.


krista said...

Hey, that was a cool read. Normally I don't see stuff like that.

David said...

Does this count as Scientism?

Carlotta said...

Yes, probably. This of course doesn't mean that there isn't truth in the assertions and although we may lack precise explanations for the effect, it's existence seems so demonstrable that I would sincerely guess that there is one.