Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summary So Far

Below is a summary of the new problems faced by home educators that result either from the Children Act, 2004 or from the up-and-coming Education and Inspections Bill. The list is very probably not all-inclusive. Do let me know what I've left off. I'll be bracing myself.

1. The Children's Database ( see The Database Masterclass) will result in de-facto registration, which will increase the opportunities for more of the type of abuse from local authorities that we read about yesterday.

2. The Children Missing from Education initiative will result in further chasing by the authorities in order to check that a home educated child is in receipt of whatever happens to be their perception of an education on that particular day.

3. There is a creeping change in the definition of children "at risk" to now include children who are in danger of not receiving services. This means that home educated kids are increasingly likely to find themselves flagged on the database. (See The Database Masterclass again.)

4. And then there is the problem of the minimum two day delay in de-registration from schools which will almost certainly result in more of the type of hassle from educrats as mentioned in the post below. The delay also carries a symbolic implication since in those minumum two days, parents can no longer decide the place of education for their children and are therefore no longer responsible for it.


tylwyth waff said...

Given that the LEAs would rather not be spending money on children, either tracking them or providing facilities for them, and the extent of the information gathering driven from the top. It appears to be some attempt to record all there is to know about kids, with this info, you can control them...either by training them for the jobs required or cherry picking the talented (think trust schools at this point) to turn them into model citizens in our all-inclusive, joined-up, one-size-fits-all society....welcome to the panopticon, the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Julie said...

When you put it all together-GULP!
Maybe we should leave the country! Move over Peachy, maybe we'll join you!

Carlotta said...

Ikwym! Would be heading in the opposite direction though, if Dh had his way.