Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Google: the Great Educator

Great, somebody else gets it and it'll save me buying Alvin's book since the more I hear and think about it, the more confident I feel of the answer to the question of the proper future of education: the revolution is only a click away, and well OK, yes, throw in some other imaginative bits of software just for good measure. From an edublog we shall clearly be re-visiting.

Thanks Daryl

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Scott W. Somerville said...

I've been saying, for some time, that "computer-aided instruction" isn't going anywhere, but "computer-aided learning" is booming. Google, wikipedia, blogs, and Astronomy Picture of the Day are great examples of computer-aided learning. "Cyberschools" (as we have them in the States) are less-than-thrilling examples of computer-aided instruction.