Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Old Schoolhouse Sales are Down

Doc reports that sales of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, (with it's strong connections to the infant-whipping Pearl family) are down. Some serious good can come of blogging, it seems. Congratulations to all those who supported and continue to support the action.

(If you happen to need more information on why bloggers are taking this stance, scroll to the bottom of the list of boycotters as linked above.)

The new logo comes thanks to the Lost Camel at Creating an Oasis


Elder Faery said...

How do I get my name on the list. I do want to boycott it now I've read the information. I had no idea what a huge amount of crap they were spouting.

Carlotta said...

Hi Elder Faery,

Just caught your comment between trips. Very pleased to add your blog to the list of bloggers who object to the teachings of the Pearls. Do let me know if you hear of any others, say from Muddle Puddle. Will add any new ones to this list if I can access easily in Portugal but failing that - on our return.