Saturday, May 06, 2006

That's a "NO" Then.

Well that's decided then. Dd says NO to school - and since then, of course, I've spent the morning worrying that I have influenced her decision unduly. Then again, why am I flattering myself? She decided she wanted to go to school at a time when home education was apparently the only option, and come the time that I actually bite the bullet, decide to support her in her choice and get her along to the smartest, most successful little school in the neighbourhood, with the kindest, most welcoming staff, the best facilities and good academic results and she turns in a flat NO to all that.

The first member of staff we met she quizzed on the number of computers in the establishment and was immediately unimpressed by the answer of two per classroom (of approx 14 kids), plus some others in the library. She was equally unimpressed by the thought of not having instant access to Children's Beeb and Sesame Street websites. She also says she won't be able to see her friends when she wants to and she will HAVE to brush her hair in the mornings.

I think these are good enough reasons. Why brush your hair when you could be getting on with other things?


Sarah said...

rofl, phew! I wish my children had been as unimpressed as that!

Anonymous said...

Actually, when I think about it, I'm pretty sure that brushing hair in't an obligation. In my teaching time in a prep school, I would say that many children, especially those who boarded, had very unbrushed hair and nobody said a word!!


Carlotta said...

Hi Sarah...great to hear that they are enjoying school though!

And D...Wow...I actually do remember the agonies of brushing it daily. Perhaps things have let up a bit...

Anonymous said...

Hmm brushing hair..what a grim job!
But having to find a matching pair of socks is a job I find particularly painful, esp if they have to be white.
Rock on for grey school socks!
More "rock on" that mine don't want to go in the first place.!!

JFT xx

Anonymous said...

how funny! but seriously it's great to have a fact finding mission. well done for being brave and willing to contemplate the hair, teeth, matching socks, clothes that look as though they have been ironed, lunch box, gym stuff, reading book, spellings etc everyday.. It's not just the time in school but how it organises your private family life too.

Not to mention little notes like "please send in hedgehog outfit by this Friday" or we will be having a silly hat day for comic relief please send in a pound, there will be a prize for the winner,. Groan...

dd2 going to visit new school tomorrow which she is very keen on. if she goes ahead it will mean oldest 2 in different schools again and dd3 no intention of going!


Carlotta said...

OM Goodness! I think the congrats are due to you - second Sarah...(though actually first Sarah also comes into this category too...) the whole logistical management thing. SO impressive.

I do have to admit am selfishly thrilled to hear re Dd 3. Wondering now re the verdit of Ds!

Hope it goes very well for Ds 2.

4 girls and 3 boys said...

What a relief is what I think. I hope none of my kids ever ask to go. I do not think I would be very nice about it. They would just get a no way!!!!