Thursday, May 04, 2006

Youth Justice?

Have you sorted your YIPs from your YOTs and your YJBs? Do you know the difference between your YISP and your YISPMIS? Do you want to know how your money is being spent and do you fancy tearing your hair out of an evening? If so, go here where the good folks at ARCH will set it all out for you as plainly as is humanly possible and courtesy of their attempt, you can marvel at the ability of the government to read the minds of its children.


Almost Lazarus said...

Gov't only reads their minds AFTER they brainwash them.

Anonymous said...

Very scary that people in power were even free to implement such appalling ideas.

Even though the article explains that another recent research study apparently indicates that labelling criminals when young is not a successful policy (duh!) it seems that no one takes much notice!


Carlotta said...

Yep...good points all...went to bed thinking I should have made them, so thanks for that!